Golden Flower, also known as Fu-brick tea, has become the hot spot of various scientific research institutions in the world. Recent Hunan Agricultural University studies have found that eurotium cristatum (Golden Flower) can play an active role in prolonging the life span of human beings. In addition, it also has a very significant effect on the improvement of intestinal, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

English Language Research:

Immunomodulation and Anti-Cancer Activity of Polysaccharide- Protein Complexes

Overview of antibacterial, antitoxin, antiviral, and antifungal activities of tea flavonoids and teas

Medicinal Chinese Teas health benefits with a focus on fermented tea

Antibacterial activity and phytochemical profile of fermented Camellia sinensis (fuzhuan tea)

Effects of fermented Camilla sinensis, Fuzhuan tea, on egg cholesterol and production performance in laying hens

A new anti-proliferative acylated flavonol glycoside from Fuzhuan brick-tea

Isolation and Identification of “Golden-Flower” Fungus on the Fuzhan Tea

Chinese Language Research:

1.Study on the health function of dark tea in Anhua

2.Research Progress on Chemical Constituents of Anhua Dark Tea and Their Activities

3.Research progress in the relationship between microorganism in the processing of anhua dark tea and health care function

4.Advances in processing technology and healthcare effect of fuzhuan brick tea

5.Advances in processing technology and healthcare effect of fuzhuan brick tea

6.Research progress on eurotium cristatum

7.Golden Flower in Dark Tea Research Progress and Potential Application

8.Research progress of golden flower in dark tea

9.Progress in the research and application of the eurotium cristatum冠突散囊菌的研究与应用进展

10.Genome sequencing and sequence analysis of dark tea probiotics eurotium cristatum

11.Research progress of eurotium cristatum in nutrition function

12.Differentiation and analysis of the health care of dark tea

13.Effects of eurotium cristatum on tea quality and antioxidant activity

14.Research progress on eurotium cristatum

15.Research progress on eurotium cristatum