Discover the miracle tea that people of Tibet have known for over 500 years. It is a great-tasting probiotic tea that increases good digestive bacteria as it negates bad intestinal flora. This is the basis of the incredible health benefits of Golden Flower, the "Super Tea"

Clinical studies have shown the bacteria in the golden fungus of Hunan Province dark tea can effectively inhibit the proliferation of colon, gastric and liver cancer cells. It aids in weight loss, and is also proven an effective supplement against diabetes, sugar cravings, high-blood pressure, and high-cholesterol.

The “Golden Flower” is in yellow granular form and is found in the center of dark tea bricks. Under a high magnifying glass it has a shape like a spherical mushroom. It also greatly improves the quality, flavor, composition and aroma of Fu-brick dark tea.

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Tea Art Specialist Yin Na shows how to brew Golden Flower Dark Tea from Hunan Province. The golden fungus in this tea is a super probiotic that aids in weight loss, and fights cholesterol , diabetes, and cancer.